Installation and Dismantle

A poorly executed installation or takedown can ruin your entire tradeshow. Dimension Craft's tradeshow installation and dismantling team has successfully set up and taken down thousands of exhibits around the world. They are an experienced crew of professionals who anticipate your needs before your exhibit arrives on the show floor.

Whether your exhibit is a Dimension Craft design or a product designed by another manufacturer, our team saves time and money by consistently outpacing the setup of the show's contracted installation provider. Once the installation is complete, Dimension Craft thoroughly cleans your booth so you're fully prepared for the opening day of the show.
Our installation and dismantling eliminates the hassle and worry of setup and takedown. But more importantly, it provides the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your exhibit is in the hands of experienced tradeshow professionals.

Dimension Craft holds its own union contract in Chicago for I&D labor, rest assured we will not outsource your labor in Chicago ensuring a more controlled and successful process.

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