Mobile Marketing & Advanced Lead Capture

Dimension Craft has developed a unique partnership with Didgebridge that could potentially be a powerful add-on tool to your future exhibits!

It starts by creating a touchpoint...

Touchpoints are everywhere around us. They can be anything from a point of purchase stand in a store to different visuals and graphics attendees see when passing by an exhibit at a trade show. Didgebridge’s Intellismart Mobile Video Platform has been utilized in a variety of capacities in retail settings and now is being applied to a trade show setting, but there are virtually very few differences between the two applications. Sure, the buyers and products may be different, but in both settings, the goal is to create visuals that will make a visitor/potential buyer want to learn more about your products and services. Dimension Craft already helps you with the first part. Dimension Craft builds and designs your exhibit and produces large format graphics and signs that are a central part of your exhibit. What Dimension Craft produces is based on the messaging and images you provide to us. To take your messaging to the next level, this is where Didgebridge comes into play.

What is the Intellismart Platform?


IntelliSmart is a mobile video and content delivery platform product developed by Didgebridge.

IntelliSmart “Intelli” stands for the intelligent data provided to marketers. “Smart” stands for shoppable, measurable, actionable, responsive, and timely.

Real world touchpoints, including TV, radio, print, online, social media, in-store displays, outdoor media, trade shows and public venues can now be transformed by IntelliSmart’s automated microsites with audience insights for re-targeting and follow up.

IntelliSmart marketing tools put the power of mobile marketing in the palm of your hand.

How Does It Work?

Attendees no longer have to describe to their home office, what "exciting new things they experienced at the trade show." Based on the messaging you place on your graphics and at different spots in your exhibit, a visitor will be prompted to text a keyword to a certain number on their mobile device to access more information about whatever your company wants to promote. For instance, the message could look like this:

To Learn More About What We Can Do For You, Watch Our Video:
"TEXT: Intellismart"
TO: 555888

Once a visitor does that, they will quickly receive a custom message response via text that looks like this:

“Watch our mobile video to see how we can help you know your customers.

Try it if yourself! What that link takes you to is a microsite filled with videos and content about the given company and subject matter. Didgebridge would work with your marketing department to develop content and videos that highlight your company’s products/services, and their benefits and features. The initial value is that your company provided more information to a visitor/potential buyer who now has something they can refer back to very easily and take with them to show others later. It’s another way to engage and educate your audience on the show floor.

Another Sample to View:

intellismart interact

The content that is produced for this unique microsite can stay live for months, long after the show has come and gone. It can be reused for future shows and events as well and/or can be revised over time.

The Hidden Value...Maximize ROI!

The value of gaining more information about your audience...about potential new customers can be indispensable.

Your Intellismart trade show booth/wall/sign also becomes a CRM-analytics rich touchpoint that can provide you with valuable lead capture and lead scoring information. Many trade shows offer lead capture/lead scanning services, but this goes a step further because this captures the people who showed an interest and went to your microsite(s) but may or may not have stepped inside your exhibit to speak with you. The moment somebody texts your information to their mobile device, through the Intellismart platform, we can capture their contact information and store it for you on our cloud based platform. The Intellismart platform is an opt-in text based portal, meaning we are allowed and able to instantly link the attendees mobile phone number to an abundance of ID data on that individual and their company.

It can show you what interactions they may have had, what content/videos they may have viewed and how much time they spent looking at it. This also allows the platform to generate lead scores based on a visitor’s activity level.

All of the behind the scenes information and data that the Intellismart platform captures can provide you with not only insights after the show about what people were interested in the most at your exhibit, but also valuable contact information about those attendees who you want to follow up with later.

In Conclusion...

Dimension Craft and Didgebridge can provide you with a dynamic and powerful add-on marketing service that adds depth to your presentation on the show floor and avails you to maximize your ROI!

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